Everything we do has a mental component.

This could be motivation to get you off your ass and start. Or it could be motivation near the end to make sure you finish.

But notice what happens inside your brain when you think about stuff like:

Now what would happen if you thought about:

The first list contains mundane, everyday tasks that people just have to do but no one does it with a smile on…

If you think that watches are pieces of irrelevant, ancient technology that we don’t need anymore because of our phones, then you are sadly mistaken.

Besides just telling the time, there are several other reasons why owning a luxury watch might benefit your lifestyle.

PS. an Apple Watch is not a luxury watch

For those who aren’t aware of the watch world, there is an entire subculture dedicated to studying the history behind watches and their craftsmanship.

To see watchmaking in its true identity, you have to understand that it is a form of art. A wearable art.

If paintings are visual art, literature is poetic art, and luxury…

If you have ever Googled “How to become rich / successful?”, “Rich people's lifestyles”, or delved into any self-improvement books, movies, podcasts, etc. then you have heard one of the most common denominators between all rich people.

They are all avid readers.

One study showed that 85% of wealthy people (making a minimum of $160,000 annual income and had $3.2 million in net assets) read at least 2 books a month, for educational purposes.

Bill Gates, himself, says he reads approximately 50 books a year which averages to about 1 book a week. …

If you believe in finding a soul mate, I’m sorry for bursting your bubble but you probably won’t find them.

Before we dive into the analysis, we need to understand: “What is a soul mate?”

American writer Richard Bach explained this concept as:

“A soulmate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks.”

This word has come to mean one life partner who perfectly fits in our life as the other half that we didn’t know we were missing. Life from there on out without them is empty and incomplete.

The important piece…

Buy low, sell high. The not-so-secret secret on how to get rich trading stocks. If you were an investor and saw a company’s stock plummeting or at an all-time low, you would most likely advocate buying as many stocks as you can. Right? Well, not in this case.

Photo by Martin Katler on Unsplash

Financially this makes sense but, the tesla stock is an anomaly. Similar to the unprecedented times we are currently living in.

It is also not a good sign that the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, is also advocating ending this quarantine as soon as possible so people can start going back to…

Being stuck at home has made me realize I only like 3 things:

  1. Procrastinating on absolutely everything
  2. Isolating from everyone and everything except my phone and laptop
  3. Eating all day, every day

Not that I want to make around 50 trips to the fridge every day, there just aren’t that many different spots in my house that I really like.

I already spend a third of the day on my bed. Roughly another 10ish hours at my desk doing “work”. Maybe a couple of hours at night in front of the tv. And then repeat.

Among all my waking hours…

Bhrugu Patel

My shower thoughts might change the world so why not read them? | Entrepreneur | Student @ UofT| Teen finding his way through life

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